Weatherford Aerospace possesses deep technical skills built across decades of experience coupled with in-depth, practical aerospace knowledge. We’ve invested in some of the largest tanks in the US, giving us the ability to handle our customers’ longest and widest components. Expertise, Experience and Knowledge


We offer processing capabilities that includes anodizing, chemical filming and specialty coating, to meet most any specifications your designs require.

Processing Terms and Conditions

NDI (Non-destructive Inspection)

We use fluorescent liquid penetrant inspection to identify cracks and imperfections with skill and ease, and perform hardness and conductivity testing.

Machining and Fabrication

Weatherford Aerospace’s facilities possess the precision machining and fabrication capabilities to accommodate many needs, turning raw materials into finished detail parts. Our forming capability set includes hot-forming, cold-forming, roll forming, brake forming, and stress relief. We compliment our forming and chemical milling capabilities with up to 5-axis CNC routing and drilling of large sheet metal components.

Chemical Milling

Weatherford’s pedigree in chemical milling, large tank capacity, and proprietary & recyclable maskant technology, gives us a cutting-edge ability to accommodate nearly all of our customers’ aluminum and titanium chemical milling needs.


Our paint booths can accommodate large parts such as wing skins. We have full capabilities for numerous primers, topcoats, and specialized coatings.


Our team possesses the technical skills to assist with tool design, product manufacturing methods, solid modeling, and complete part manufacturing.

For more information that demonstrates Weatherford’s conformance and recognition of accreditation for specific services please contact us.