Through industry leadership and ongoing expansion, we have grown to become an independent provider of chemical milling, fabrication, anodizing and painted aircraft parts. The company operates two production facilities and maintains a base of dedicated employees. Privately Owned, Dedicated Employees

Our Vision

To advance the aerospace industry through services and products which enable the development of stronger, faster, and safer airplanes.

Our Mission

To deliver satisfaction through a customer-centric focus to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective solutions for the chemical processing and treatment of parts.

Our Values

Weatherford Aerospace has operated and built its business with a consistent focus on integrity, trust, community, professionalism and excellence.

Unwavering Integrity

With an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Weatherford Aerospace earns its reputation for integrity with every customer interaction.

Enduring Trust

In its 40+ years of operations, clients have come to trust Weatherford’s unfailing products and standards – a critical component to safety and reliability in the air.

Fostering Community

Weatherford believes its obligation extends to its employees and their communities through safe job conditions and positive working environments.

Complete Professionalism

We deliver high value, quality products on time and on budget, anticipating customer needs and doing what it takes to provide prompt and polite service.

Relentless Excellence

Weatherford Aerospace strives for excellence in every aspect of its business, from ensuring on-time delivery to customers, offering comprehensive and expanding services and providing a thriving environment for employees.

Environmental Responsibility

Through innovative processes, we raise the standard of excellence in complying with and exceeding environmental regulations. The application of technological ingenuity promotes ethical stewardship and sustainability of the environment.

We are a member of Novaria Group, a cohesive family of component companies, a sum made greater by the value of its parts, that consistently delivers optimum performance and sustainable growth within the aerospace and defense marketplace.